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Please help! I'm due a lap op soon. Any tips/suggestions on natural/herbal remedies, exercises, food, etc, that will aid my recovery?

I have no idea what to expect after the op I.e. how much pain, length of recovery expected, will I be able to walk around without to much pain, what toileting will be like, how tired I'll be, etc? I know every case is different but I'm just trying to get some idea of what to expect.

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Hi MBlackham, I gues it depends how much you have done. For me I hada cyst and endo removed ( not sure how much as I can't remeber what she said after surgery !) for me it was 2 weeks to get back to do a slimmed down routine. Pain was not to bad after, you should be given enough pain killers when your discharged. Gas pain was quite low for me but be prepared to burp and fart alot! Get some lactolose (sp?) for the constipation caused by the pain meds.My first bowel movement was painless ( first in years ) My herbalist gave me some things but I can't remeber what they were. I did take arnica as I had a good size bruise after. Be prepared to feel worn out after doing simple tasks after the op this lasted about 1 month for me. Have comfey clothes like dresses or maternity clothes with wide waist bands, over a month later I still can't wear jeans and my belly is still swelling up during the day. Walking was not a problem just take it slowly and walk smoothly, stairs can hurt abit more from the vibration. I sat and watched lots of mildly funny dvds as laughing hurt. Also your emotions might go all over the place to, so funny dvds are a must. Be prepared for some bleeding after which you will need to wear pads for. Good luck. X



I had my first lap in October and was wondering what to expect also. With regards to what happened on the day of the op I had to get dressed into hospital gown and the socks they give you, I was told to take a gown, I'd recommend a warm one if your anything like me and get cold easily. I was the last to go down of the morning session so from 8am - 12pm was a long time to be sat cold. They told us not to bring valuables, which I can understand, but everyone else had mobiles with them so I guess it's not a strict rule. I wish I'd had mine though because they failed to contact family member to say I was out of surgery, I was out of surgery at 1.30pm and still there at 8.30pm because I was too out of it to remind them to call her. Have some pairs of loose waisted pants and your biggest comfiest knickers, as well as slippers and sanitary towels in case of bleeding. In my case I didn't have a lot of bleeding but everyone's different I guess. Prepare yourself at home with ibuprofen or some other pain killers, the hospital didn't provide me with a prescription for pain relief, although this may have been a mistake by the staff in my case. Ask them to prepare your sick note if your going to take time off work, and ask the person who is bringing you home to double check with them you have it. Again I wasn't given this note, and I was too out of it from anaesthetic to remember to ask.

With regards to pain, again it's probably different with everyone, but for me I didnt find it so bad. I had peppermint tea for gas pains and only took 2 ibuprofen the next day. I struggled with lowering myself into bed and getting my feet up for 3/4 days. I felt like I'd done a load of sit ups. Walking was ok if I took it slowly. I made a comfy spot on the couch before op, with a duvet, pillow, remote, magazines and had my hot water bottle. For the first day I spent mostly relaxing there and could only stomach small light meals like soup. Get plenty of easy to make food in for first couple of days. I managed to get up and about pretty much straight away, which I think is why I quickly got over gas pains. I felt very tired mostly and kept randomly falling into deep sleeps, but this passed after a couple of days. I was more or less better 1 week after op, but if like me you have a physically demanding job I'd give yourself atleast 2 weeks before returning, and even then take it easy and don't push yourself. Other things that may help may be heat pads for shoulder gas pain, although mine wasn't severe enough to end up using them. Hope this helps you out! Good luck with your op and recovery xx


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