my daughter needs help with her work rights as her firm has now gone on the bradford factor system

she has had a wriiten notice and now a formal letter that she has to see a health person of there choice so see about her time off . she is in so much pain I have to fetch her from work as she cant drive .

she needs a union to help her and we hear that tulip trade union is the one but we dont know anything about it .

she has two days off a month

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Hiya I'm on the Bradford score in work always have been and we don't have a union so no advice on that 1 2 days a month don't sound to extreme to me seeing as the pain is totally extreme, work should be a bit more understanding but unfortunately due to experience in my own workplace there sometimes not I had 2 days off last year and 3 authorised so 5 in total in the year (these were for hospital appointments as well as using some holidays for appointments) and I've been brought in for disciplinary twice she may want to get a union and maybe if she has endo a lust of symptoms and what endo actually is off there website give employer bit more insight although my work don't give a monkeys either way if there anything like my work union would be best I'm not that confident in meeting under pressure and were I am they like to tie u in knots hope it gets sorted soon xx

I can't advise on unions but I would advise if you haven't already to read the companies sickness policy, see what it says about long standing illnesses and if there is anything about discounting absences. The Bradford score is used very differently company to company but is generally used just to see if you trigger for formal warnings so the policy will give you the how's and whys behind their argument.

Seeing a health care professional may actually work in her favour, I saw my occupational health nurse who told my managers it was likely my endo fell under the equality act 2010 and they backed off for a while. Also there is a leaflet on endometriosis uk for an employer and it has some helpful advice which maybe work a read.

Sorry if I've told you info you already know, good luck hope all turns out for her x

Hi littletigger. Here is the link for Tulip Trade Union their website seems very easy going and understandable. Hope your daughter gets the help she needs xx

do you know anyone who has used them

No sorry, I'd never heard of them till you posted your comment. I just googled them and found it an easy going site etc.

thanks for the replies

I agree Most healthcare professionals well any I have met have always been supportive and it will more than likely work in your daughters favour

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