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I'm 8 weeks post op after a vaginal dissection, excision and adhesiolysis and a clear up job on my bowel and pelvic walls

I've been back at work 2 weeks and am exhausted all the time ( which I expected) but I seem to have developed a horrendous pain around my middle and down my left hand side that I didn't have before, it's reduced me to tears for the past three nights and I've been pacing the floor for hours at a time and still dragging myself to work and plastering on a smile. My follow up isn't until April and my gp has said he won't chase it up as I need to heal and for everything to settle down which I understand but I just feel so miserable :-(

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If the pain is really bad you need to push it with your GP and phone your consultants secretary and tell them what's happened and to pass a message on to your consultant, at 8 weeks you shouldnt be getting new horrendous pain and at the absolute minimum you need to have infection ruled out. I am 6 weeks on from a major lap and have had a really tough time, at 3 weeks post op I started getting horrific pain near my belly button that was definitely not Gynae pain, it was awful and even morphine 4 times a day didnt touch it, since it started 3 weeks ago I have spoken to sooooo many out of hours doctors, seen my GP 3 times, had a course of antibiotics, seen a pain specialist, been to A&E, had lots of blood tests, a very in depth (and painful) scan and seen my gynae to get to the bottom of what is causing the pain and to rule out anything sinister. For me it looks like the pain is muscle/nerve damage and will improve in time but I have been prescribed a drug to help speed it up. I have private medical and its still taken 3 weeks to get anywhere with it, but I really would keep pushing with your doctors, your GP alone does not have the knowledge or experience to be able to properly advice on what's causing you to be in pain so you need to contact your gynae as well. I hope the pain starts to improve soon x


I'm going to call Monday, it's so hard to get hold of my consultant because he covers 4 hospitals, and just feel like every time I try and push for some help I'm being a nuisance. It's taken 12 years to get to this point and just feeling a bit down with it all.


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