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Hi, anyone have the endless brown/pink spotting that goes on all month?

It has started up again (last lap was 2 years ago and I have really lucky and relatively ok since then) however over the last few months the spotting has come back with a vengence. It is now nearly everyday and is sometimes red blood rather than brown - which is much more than it ever has been in the past. I also have the feeling sore and cramping etc so I am unfortunately anticipating endo coming back.

(At my last gynae check up they did a cervical biposy and checked for infections because of the spotting and they came back clear. I also now have a small erosion apparently but would that make me spot all the time? ) I know, I will need to head back to the Drs just wondering if anyone else had this as just an endo symptom?

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Yes I get this all the time so don't really feel comfortable unless I am always wearing some sort of pad (which does wonders for the self esteem! I'm 23 and feel more like 83 sometimes because of the constant reliance on liners etc). Anyway I have been diagnosed with stage 3/4 endo after my lap in July and brown spotting was one of my symptoms however my consultant said this was a hormonal problem and not the endo itself (even though all related) which is why she wanted me to try the mirena coil. I am a bit wary of anything like that as my experience of trying different pills and things has really messed my mental health up.

This disease really does mess absolutely everything up sometimes! Xx



I'm like that most days too .. ur not alone :-) It's most frustrating and causes mayhem to daily life. I find that I just wear sanitary towels most days as I'm usually expecting to bleed at some point. Arghh! I had my endo treated, mirena fitted and womb ablation. At the same time they also did surgery to remove a very large cyst and left ovary in Sept 2012, but the bleeding started up in January. Since then it has continued to worsen. Since Jan I was also put on cerezette, but still no joy. Then they added the decapeptyl injection last month in the hope of stopping it all (u'd think 4 options to stop bleeding would work), but no joy either and this month things r worse than ever for me. I've got an ultrasound on Monday and have been offered a hysterectomy which I am going to take. At least then I wont continue to bleed all the time and my endo wont get worse (if all taken away). I have also decided they can take my ovaries as they say this will stop my endo from spreading, even tho I cannot do hrt as I have a clotting condition. I dont know what an errosion is, and dont think I have one, but sounds like we r quite similar. I'm normally bleeding a dark brown (apparantly this is old blood) most days but do also get fresh red blood and lots of it this month too ;-/ Hth a little xx


Thank you both, really appreciated. I also end up wearing some sort of liner nearly every day too. It is so frustrating and I feel and vaguely 'unclean' (I am sure you know what I mean) despite being technically washed and showered! x



I have had a similar experience. I was diagnosed with endometriosis 12 years ago and my last lapo was about 5 years ago, at which point they inserted the coil. For me, the coil was great and seemed to control endo. However, last Dec I started bleeding pretty much consistently. My consultant said it was due to the coil needing to be replaced, which they did. Since then I have pretty much bled consistently since Jan, either with really heavy periods or spotting between bleeding. It's now Nov and nearly a year later the bleeding in still practically everyday.

They put me on the pill as well as keeping the coil in, but didn't do anything. Am now on prostogene but still no reduction in bleeding. Have had several scans and no cysts. So I don't understand why I am bleeding? Is this part of endo?


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