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Does taking decapeptyl stop endo showing up on a lap

Hi Everyone / anyone

I seem to remember ages ago someone saying that if you on a course of decapeptyl injections when you have a lap then your endometriosis will not show up.

Am I correct, had my 3rd injection 1wk before my lap. 6th injection since oct as dr 1st wanted to see how I was with it. Said as my symptoms all but went chances were it was endo. Saw a private dr who said he felt thickening on my uteral sacral ligents so thought endo was def there. Put me on 3mnths decapeptyl before op as I asked for endometrial ablation too due to flooding at perioda & intense pain 3 wks out of 4. However long story but ended up having op on nhs. Woke up to be told no endo found & ablation not done as my uterus lining was too thin for the calibration of the Novasure machine. Feeling really down. Want to have ablation retried another way but until decapeptyl is out oft system won't know if all the pain will return. Anyone had similar exp or can offer advice please. Feeling like a fraud

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Yes, it could be that the Decapeptyl has made your endo lesions hard to see as if you are not having periods or bleeding then the deposits can be clear. The decapeptyl can also shrink endo deposits and make them appear flat- so hard to see. My advice would be to come off the drug, see if your symptoms return and then see your private doctor again for a second opinion? Is there any chance you could pay for the surgery privately?

Best of luck! x


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