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Endometriosis and your partners!?

Anyone else have a partner that just doesn't understand!? I'm fed up. The endo makes me tired aswell as having early mornings with my 22mnth old who doesn't yet sleep through the night! I work aswell. I have plenty of other symptoms too which I can handle, being tired is the only thing I CANNOT handle! :( tell me it gets easier/better after a lap!

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I'm very bad at the moment but I had a laser/lap back in 2004 and it lasted me more or less 6 years. I wasn't symptom free but I did have a life. Now I'm told with the Mirena coil that it seems to be ok but it has really upset my bowel and part of it is stuck down and I'm suffering terribly.

Best just give it a try and good luck things work for different people.

Just to finish men really have no idea about our pains and experiences how can they but it does' make life very hard and having endo is very lonely because you can't see it most friends and just people you know won't understand. If you where in plaster or had had a leg off then everyone see's this and shows compassion and understanding you don't want sympathy just understanding.

Good luck x

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