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Babies or no babies after Decapeptyl monthly injections?

I am due to have my third monthly injection on Thursday, and really wanted to know if anyone else out there has been on them, and if so, how this, if at all, affected their fertility?

I've been married for 3.5 years and we were thinking about kids in another 2.5 years or so... I know how it all depends on the person, but I was wondering what anyone else's experience with it had been?

My gynae said to consider children as soon as I stop the injections (after a 12 month course) but this is a lot of pressure on my husband and I, and as mentioned, we were hoping to think about them in a few more years... Any way, enough of me, what about everyone else?xx

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Not had decapeptyl, but had prostap. They don't statistically have any affect on fertility rates, but you may find it takes a while for your cycle to return to normal.

It's your decision and it often depends on your age. Remember, around 60 to 70% of women with endo do go on to have children (despite a lot of the myths). However, it takes the average couple 12 to 18 months to conceive, and your fertility takes a natural nosedive after 35 to 39 (again depending on the person).

Do some proper research as a couple - there are some really good books out there, and some good websites (but try to stick to official websites). It needs to be a decision you make together based on the facts.

Good luck x


Certainly do not try and get pregnant right after stopping, the drug is too toxic and dangerous for pregnancy so must be given 4 months to be completely out of your body (if you are on the monthly one). After there is no chance of any traces of the drug remaining in the body then it would be safer to try for a baby but as to when you start trying that is up to you and your individual circumstances, and of course your body must have started ovulating again too.

It can happen in a few weeks and for some it takes much longer. The average is 5 months wait (but it varies a lot.)

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