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Why am I in pain then?

I have just got back from my second lap. At the first one 2 year's ago I was told I had suspicious patches looking like endo and significant adhesions. I was put on hormonal treatments and after two years have not had much luck so ha 2nd lap today at different hospital with different consultant. As I was coming round from the anaesthetic I was told no endo had been found and only a few adhesions were seen. I just burst into tears. I feel like I have wasted two years struggling and we are no further forward. The consultant asked me about my pain again! and said she will probably recommend I see a kidney specialist?? I just feel so low and can't stop crying. Really starting to believe it could all be in my head. Any experiences or stories would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know where to go from here x

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Hi, hope youre ok. It has taken me years for any doctor to take my pains,swellings seriously. i was also told it must be ibs, it was to do with a back injury i have, it was something im eating everything but any help including when i was 19 being told it could be "chocolate tumour" i had never heard of this but has a scan and nothing showed apart from a small cyst so wasnt taken further, i felt like they were fobbing me off and i even got to thinking was it all in my head. I finally got referred start of this year and had my lap op done on the 1st july. Nurse blurted out i had endo the rushed away quickly as she realised what she had done leaving me their confused and still half drugged from just coming round then my gyno/surgeon came round and confirmed it and what was done then told me to start trying for kids right away not to wait. Ive finally got my diagnoses through years of annoying my doctor. Its taken me years to get this sort but i hope you get sorted out soon and dont have to wait long. I hope youve got good support round you to help you when you need them xx


Was this lap done by a general gynae?

I was diagnosed at 17 and after several laps with laser my pain just kept returning but at next lap they said they couldn't really find Endo so didn't understand why I was in pain! I always suffered with chronic constipation and in desperation with my quality of life dwindling I paid to see an Endo specialist who quickly diagnosed rectal vaginal Endo! Large nodule then removed from between the rear of my womb/bowel and lots in the pouch of douglas.

It's possible to just get it in those areas, which could be missed by a general gynae who isn't really clear on what to look for, and might explain why you previously showed some possible patches and adhesions.

Hope that helps but hasn't scared you X


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