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Hello all, just looking for a bit of advice really, new to all of this and from reading other posts it seems I may have it quite easy so feel bad even posting this! Basically 2weeks ago had an ultrasound scan done as had been having pain in lower left abdomen, well not bad pains more niggly uncomfortable twinges and just felt something wasn't right for last few months, and then i suddenly swelled right up on my left side. Same day, I found out I was pregnant, so when they saw my left ovary was double size of the other one was admitted with suspected ectopic pregnancy. Anyway few days later and after more tests and an internal scan, they told me it was endometriosis. But they wouldn't real tell me much as there is nothing they can do now because of the pregnancy.....just hope it eases off and doesn't effect pregnancy. So am now back in work but really struggling as seem to be getting worse, and the more active I am.....which is a lot during work as a nanny for a 2 yr old, the swelling on left side comes back again......have no idea if this is normal?! Seems to ease overnight then the more I'm on my feet the more it swells?!

Does anyone else have this problem or are trying to cope with endo and early pregnancy? Any advice wud be very much appreciated still trying to get my head round everything, and I'm guessing this is prob the best site to ask for help?! Sorry for long post! :) xxx

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Hello there, welcome.

NEVER feel bad about posting. Everyone is different and has different issues with endometriosis and that is why this site is a good place to talk and offer support.

I wish, however, I could be more help to you, but I have not experienced pregnancy and endometriosis. The swelling I have had, I found heat could sometimes helped (wheat packs etc) also I used homeopathy, but that is not for everyone. Also I do not know if this is safe when expecting?!

Do take this matter up with your GP or health centre. They maybe able to offer more adivice.

Regards Kaye x


I would ask to be refered to a specialist in Obstetrics and gynaecology who has an interest in endometriosis. You may need to ask your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist or obstitrician... many doctors do both OBS and GYNAE.Its worth making sure you have the best care from the start and having a swollen ovary in pregnancy sounds like something you should see a specialist about for advice. For example do they have any idea why its swollen? what the possibilities are? etc These are things you are going to want to know so you know what to accept as "normal" and what signs to look out for xx


Hi Annie

First of all, congratulations on the pregnancy! :)

Do you know whether you have a cyst on that ovary? Because usually the only definitive way to diagnose endo is by laparoscopy; if they were able to tell you that it was endo just by way of a scan, I'm wondering if they saw a cyst when they scanned you.

One of the best things for endometriosis is pregnancy because your body naturally stops your periods, and therefore the endo isn't being fed. I'm working off a lot of assumptions here, but I reckon they saw a little cyst on your ovary which should resolve itself over the term of the pregnancy. If there had been anything huge there...I don't know, I'm not an expert, but in my experience they don't leave massive cysts alone...but as I said, I don't know how that would work in pregnancy.

When it comes to swelling, I totally know what you mean about it coming and going depending on what you're doing. I can wake up in the morning with a 'flat' tummy and by the time I go to bed I look 5 months pregnant. And with regard to the discomfort, that can happen anyway in early pregnancy because of all of the changes that are going on and endo could make that worse.

If I were you, I'd go to your GP and get him/her to explain exactly what they found when they scanned you so you know exactly what you're dealing with

Hope this helps xx


hi all, thanks so much for all your advice and support. its great to know there are others who r suffering and understand just how painful and uncomfortable it can be. I'v had another scan today (ultrasound and an internal scan) and they have confirmed a few things. the swelling iv been getting they are sure is a hernia so nothing they can do about that yet till they confirm the pregnancy is 'viable' and see if there is anything they can do at all whilst pregnant. At the moment they cant rule out an ectopic as its still too early to see a foetus, they can see the gestational sac and within that the yoke sac but as yet no 'baby' so have to have another scan in 2 weeks to confirm that.

u were right about the cyst chrissie they said i have a bleeding cyst on my left ovary which is causing some of the pain, but they're not sure if its caused by endometriosis or if its just from being pregnant as its quite common apparently to get a cyst in early pregnancy?

anyway thats the latest so a lot for me to get my head round today! xx


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