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Has anybody been diagnosed with severe endo and been put on zoladex and has it worked and improved their fertility?

I have been told they couldn't remove all of the endo and so the zoladex for 6 months is supposed to shrink it and then i have another lap after that and they recommend to try for a baby but that at the moment it's likely i will need ivf. Has anybody else been in this situation and been able to conceive after trying this?

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Sadly statistically gnrh treatment like zolly doesn't improve fertility, but successful laps do. I cant remember the stats, but good laps do really improve your chances, especially in the first 6 months. I would recommend speaking with your GP now and getting the ball ready to roll in terms of your fertility referral when you have finished zolodex - as long as you have already been ttc for more than a year (or whatever your local area CCG rules are). It can take about 3 months to get all the information needed for the referral (sperm analysis etc), and then another few months to get your first appointment through, even longer if there are any queries raised (e.g. Rubella or sperm results).

Good luck x


It maintains the levels at which you start the drug. Basically if it works it pauses the ovaries which stops the hormones going to the endo telling it to bleed and making more irritation inside you which can grow adhesions or scar tissue, but it does come with a risk that it shuts down your ovaries for good, and they don't wake up afterwards. It is a small risk but it does happen and has happened to a couple of ladies on this forum.

Another very important factor is that while you are on the drug on no account must you get pregnant accidentally. These drugs are highly dangerous to developing babies.

The drugs inactivate any birth control pills, so the only way to be certain you won't get pregnant is to stop having sex while on the drugs or only have sex with condoms and spermicides and lubricant.

It does reduce your libido to zero anyway, so sex will be the last thing you will probably want to engage in while on the drug.

And keep having very safe sex for 4 months AFTER the last implant goes in as the residue of the drugs remain in the body for up to that long, even if you only have 1 implant and it turns out you have really bad side effects which many ladies do (these are cancer drugs after all) you would still have to be safe from getting pregnant for 4 months even when you feel the drug has worn off.

It causes deformities and spontaneous miscarriage and this is not something you want to risk I am sure. it can be useful if you have recently had surgery to cut back adhesions and endo and you want to delay it regrowing again. But as far as fertility it is the surgeons that improve your chances not the zoladex. So having the engine tuned (gynae region cleaned up during a lap op, in other words) gives you the best chance of getting pregnant.


I am in exactly the same situation as you.we've been ttc for a year and nothing.got me 2lap in aug followed by zoladex.which im not happy about, especially having to put ttc out of my head for a year!! It scares me about not come out of the menopause!


I was told this by doc...that's he's giving me zoladex to increase fertility not pain. He also tells me I have stage 3 endo and its serious. Is it though?! I thought stage 4 was serious?!


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