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Endometriosis Awareness Week - Bromley Area

Hello all,

I have wrote to my local newspaper to help create more awareness for endo sufferers.

I live in the bromley are and would like to know if anyone is willing to share their story or help in anyway with this.

my personal email is dhynam.2525@gmail.com

feel free to email me! or reply on here!

I am still waiting to hear from them but will get some awareness out there - even if anyone has other ideas like a cake sale or some way of raising money and lives in the area

Thanks :)


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Hi Danni

I used to live in Bromley but have recently moved to Crystal Palace. I still work in Bromley though and would be happy to see if we can come up with some awareness/fundraising ideas together.

Rose :-)


I am in Penge, so within the catchment area of Bromley. I would love to tell my story. What format? what do you want to know? And I am always up for raising awareness and money for Endo support.

Helen x


Great Ladies! thanks :) i wil post back on here with what the Newsshoper has to say and let you know! fingers crossed we can get something set up. you dont have to write your full story or anything personal but just some awareness out there! im hoping to do a charity run (walk or crawl for me lol) at some time this year in greenwich park, i'll keep you updated on that if you fancy it? :) x


Sounds good - keep us posted x


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