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Does anyone take the mini pill other than cerazette to help control endometriosis?

My gynae consultant put me on cerazette to trial for 3 months, i'm only 1 wk in and my gp has stopped me taking it. I tend to suffer with acid reflux for which I take tablets since staring cerazette the reflux is uncontollable so hence my gp has stopped it. I'm to see him in 2 wks once the reflux has settled and to commence a different mini pill, what do other people take, i'm not seeing my gynae until October, I so wanted cerazette to work.

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Hi I had to take Yasmin pill back to back for 3 mths and then had a period due to my endo problems but just created more pain during my period. Recently had fibroids removed and mirena coil fitted early days yet for me. I did not have any problems Yasmin pill. I hope you get help from your gynae.


Thanks for your response, i'll read up on that one. Good luck withthe mirena.


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