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Bowel prep for lap??

Hi, I am having a lap next week to remove as much stage 4 endo as possible. I had an investigative lap 3 years ago and was told my uterus was adhered to my bowel and they couldn't remove anything as I wasn't bowel prepped. I have been waiting for his op for a long time and haven't seen a consultant since January to ask when bowel prepping occurs. There is no info in the letters i have received and i can't get hold of my consultant to ask. Can anyone let me know if you have bowel prepping on the day of the operation or if you need to do anything prior to this? Thanks for your help.

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Have you got a pre op date? They will give you all the bowel prep information then and give you the stuff you need to take home. Be prepared to inform your employment that you will be off the day before your op because of the prep as you need to be home;) Good luck J xx


Hi, thanks for your response. My op is a cancellation, I asked yesterday when they phoned about pre-op and they said if they couldn't fit me in before they would do tests on the day. Sounds like I need to get back to them first thing on Monday. I'm so fed up with the NHS giving me duff info!


Hi there, I got my bowel prep sent through the post but that was private not NHS, I would ring and ask as you don't want to get there and find out you can't have it done as they've forgotten to give you it.

Good luck xx


Thanks Romeo. I've decided to rearrange work plans tomorrow so I can sort things out. I have a feeling they haven't thought this through. I really wanted to go private to avoid all this, but my consultant said it was too risky x


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