Has anyone had success with pregnancy with endo?

Hi. I fell ill back in Deceber 2012 and was diagnosed with cysts on both my overies and endo. I had a laperoscopy in January to treat the cysts but two weeks after I was discharged I developed a serious infection and had to be cut all the way down to be washed out in which they then saw more of the extent of the endo. I also developed appendicitis and had to have that removed. I spent six weeks in hospital. I recently had a consultation where they told me the endo was really bad and everything is so fused together that they could not make out where my overies or tubes were. There was also a good chance that due to all the infection they may also may have been further damaged. I am 34 and have no children and we have trying for five years. I have to lose some weight to qualify for ivf but I feel like I am up against so much I don't know if its false hope that we keep holding onto. Has anyone else been able to have children despite these sort of complications? Thanks.x

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  • Hi I've had success. Previous no success but had laser diathermy to endo jan and pregnant in the April. I very rarely ovulate can miss periods as much as 12 months or more. I only had 2 days of spotting and fell preg. My operation helped as I couldn't get pregnant prior to this awful disease. My insides was also fused together. Wish you luck x

  • Hi, we had been ttc for around 7 years before I managed to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. I was (still am!) overweight and they kept saying that was why I wasn't falling pregnant but in reality endo had mucked up my insides! I had major surgery to remove one ovary and tube and clear other bits of endo and was then treated with zoladex. I was told that they would try ivf as it was likely I would need some help but I fell pregnant naturally. I had had several miscarriages previously so was terrified but happily I now have a wonderful son. We're all different so why knows but it really did feel like a miracle to nme. I wish you lots of luck xx

  • Hi. I had trouble conceiving and found out about the endo through the infertility tests. It was a relief to know that all that pain had a reason behind it and it wasn't just me being a wuss!! I had a massive chocolate cyst removed from my right ovary (the size of a small baby - amazing really given that you couldn't see it and I am skinny) and lots of degunking. They managed to save both ovaries.They squirted dye through my tubes, which were open. I was 36 at the time. I still didn't conceive right away, but then a chance meeting with a retired endocrinologist led to me being treated for a (supposedly subclinical) underactive thyroid. I immediately got pregnant after this, and the second came along straight away too. I believe that both of these treatments - for the endo and the thyroid - were essential to me getting pregnant. I would urge you to get everything checked and not just focus on the one thing that could be causing this as there may be other factors. Oh, and don't lose heart either, it is certainly worth trying everything. Good luck!

  • I really hope there is hope for you, I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years and I had a laparoscopy in March and I was told I have mild endo so I am waiting to see. If nothing happens by August I will be having IVF but it is very hard to hold on to hope, I've been told we have nothing else wrong but I have bladder issues too. Praying for you hun xx

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