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had the depo injection not sure if theses are side effects!

I was sort of forced in to having it done, had it done after they took blood, im been tested for a blood disorder now, as i'm covered in brusies all over my legs, when use have had the injection i'm guessing its normal for your bum to go numb and to get a pin right down your leg?? but is it normal to get a really sore pain in belly? feel like shit, wish I never had it done!

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hi sorry to hear about you having to cover all bruises... i am on the Depo injection too.. when having it done it sometimes hurt or felt nothing... with side affect for me i felt nothing which i am pretty lucky but i do get a bit depressed... and also i never felt so knackered and tired... but i do hope it goes soon enough.. how long since you had it done? mine is every 3 months... this is my 4th injection. so hope you get it sorted soon enough and ask them is there any options instead of the injection?

hope you feel better soon

tinker 241


Hi, sorry to hear this. I had depo injections every 8 weeks for 5 years and fortunately didn't suffer any side effects only a bit sore for a day after at injection site. Had to stop as maximum is 5 years due to bone density. I would question whoever gave you the injection as it is not normal to get numbness and pain down leg. Hope you get sorted.


Hi all,

I have had the depo for the last year as a treatment for my endo and have never had the pins and needles. Its nice to know that someone else is feeling depressed easily and tired - i have never felt so exhausted in my life.

I just wanted to say that the implant has the same hormone as the depo injection and then that is one procedure for having it put in and done and they have minimal side affects. Also the effect of the hormone doesn't last as long if you wanted it taken out. I am looking at having it done soon as the depo can stay in your system for up to 18 months after your last injection.

Hope you are all battling on :)

Heather x


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