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How long can i expect to be pain free after zoladex?

i was diagnosed with endo 6 years ago and have had 4 laparoscopys since then about 8 months ago i suffered a bad recurrence of symptoms and was started on zoladex 4 months ago as an alternative to surgery. i have been pain free for the duration of the zoladex and with only two left im concerned that that i will be back to square one. Has anyone had zoladex treatment and how long did it last?

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The zoladex lasted for 2 years for me and then the cysts came back, so did the terrible pain. Hope it works longer for you.


sorry everyone is different but i know that i was on it for months and had 11 months of pain free but no cycle, then i discovered i was pregnant so hopefully it will keep you pain free for some time. If it helps i was advised that if the pain came back i would have been able to go back on zoladex again.


I was put on Zoladex for 6 months after a lap that was to drain a cyst, they also diagnosed Endo at the time, saying my womb was stuck to my bowel. Unfortunately 6 weeks after I finished the Zoladex the pain was back, also the total exhaustion etc...

so as other people have said it is different for everyone.


I've been off zoladex for a few months now and I'm still relatively pain free


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