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Zoladex - how long until periods return?

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Hi. Just wondered how long it took you ladies periods to return after having zoladex, and how many months you had the zoladex for?

Any experiences would be really helpful, thanks xxx

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Hi hun

Sorry I can't answer your question, but I wasn't intrested in the answers I had 1 zoladex injection 5 Weeks Ago And Had A Massive Reaction To It My Whole Body Has Swollen Especially My Feet And Legs, Have Had Blinding Migraines, Breast Pain, Bones Aching So Bad. I never thought I would say this but I can't wait for my periods to return to get this awful drug out my system.

Hope you are well

Jo xx

That's awful Jo! I didn't even know that could happen! Hope your ok!xxx

Thanks hun.

My Dr said that she has nenever seen anyone react to Zoladex like I have, lucky me!

I was told I would get one or 2 side effects I have had pretty much the whole list.

How are you? Did the zoladex help you? Did you have any side effects xx

Think you must of just been very unlucky! I had read all the zoladex comments and was really worried, but I had 2 zoladex now, one beginning of july, and one beginning of August, and touch wood, I havnt had any side effects really, maybe ever so slightly more snappy and very slight headaches come and go, but overall really happy, as I have stage 3 endo and the pain was every day, despite taking the pill back to back, since the zoladex I havnt felt anything!xxx

Yes I think that I am very unlucky with the zoladex, I haven't heard of anyone has had a reaction quite like mine lol.

I have stage 4 endo and Adenomyosis, I am in constant pain every day too, I hate it, I am living on a high does of morphine, which doesn't even take the pain away just dulls it, I was really hoping that the zoladex would help as nothing else seems to be.

I'm glad that it has helped you hun that's great xx

Hi lovely I had zoladex for six months... My last dose was the 9th December lap on 18th Dec, got first period 29th April, pregnant two weeks later 😱 I have a friend who's also had zoladex and I think hers took 2 or 3 months to return the waiting is horrid I know xxx

that's brilliant that u were able to concieve so quickly!! Congratulations x thank you for sharing too xxx

The first time I had it 2yrs ago it took 6wks and when I've taken it this time it took 8wks. My gynae told me 4-8wks and both times it fell within that time x

Thank you for sharing, I guessed it would be around 2 months or so xxx

I had 3 implants, Feb, Mar and Apr, surgery in May and first period towards the end of July. We then ttc and I was pregnant in October x

Thank you for sharing! And that's brilliant you fell pregnant so quickly! Gives me hope 😊 xxx

I've been off for 6 months and my body still hasn't "turned back on". It's really frustrating because my docs said everything would turn back on within 1 to 2 months

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