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Adenomyosis and new symptoms

Hello all, this is my first post.

I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis last year and I am 30. I have since been told that I have a ectropion cervix and a cyst on my left ovary. Apart from my original symptoms which have been helped by having the mirena coil inserted, I have over the last two weeks developed very pain and swollen breasts which are slowly subsiding but my most worrying symptom is after only a few minutes of finishing having sex I had extremely sever lower abdomen pain and it also radiated to my lower back but mostly my abdomen. has anyone experienced this or has any suggestions please?


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The coil gave me cysts so I had it removed.I

I get a lot of pain in my breasts most of the time, pain in my lower bank, womb, sciatica, acid reflux and headaches. I'm thinking of going back on depo provera injections because it stops periods which should help until I get my operation in a few months. As for sex it may sound bad but I take painkillers before having sex.


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