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Should I be worried?

My mum had breast cancer when she was 65yrs. She thankfully is a healthy 71yr old now who got the 5yr "all clear" last year. I am 42yrs, at present I am on the injections but should be taking HRT which I haven't started yet. Do I need to worry about the breast cancer? simply because of the risks and my mum having it. Any opions would be appreciated.

Mrs Confused

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Does the doctor who prescribed the HRT know about your mum's history?

Obviously everybody is different and there may be reasons why your doctor wants you to have it, but I never take the add back HRT when I have Zoladex injection because it makes me feel worse than the injection itself.

See if you can phone and speak to his/her secretary and get some advice. If you can live with the menopause symptoms, and there is no other reason why your consultant wants you to have it particularly, you don't need to take it.

C x


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