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29, just diagnosed with endo now possibly adeno :(


After just coming to terms and finally feeling might be getting some control over newly diagnosed endo, I went to see my new endo specialist on wed and he has told me he thinks lots of my symptoms is probably because i may have adenomyosis too.

He wont do an mri to confirm as says the treatment is the same, am currently o. Zoladex and will be on deprovera after.

Im confused as my ct showed normal endometrioum, not enlarged.

I don't know much about adeno and thought my rectal pain and bladder spasms would mean endo was there not adeno presure!

Please can anyone advise if you have both, how you know you have both, your symptoms, treatment and what you find helps.

Thanks so much, the journey continues!!!xxx

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Hello! I also have both endo and adeno, I had my endo diagnosed by lap and adeno by MRI scan. I am sure the majority of my pain was the adeno not endo, it was all the time, not just around my period and it was an awful sharp stabbing pain going upwards (don't want to be too graphic!) . I was put on amitriptaline for deep nerve pain but it knocked me out and was falling asleep a school so had to come off it! I then had a mirena coil but bled for 6 months. I was then put on zoladex and HRT for about a year which definitely stopped the pain and bleeding but made me feel like an old woman! I was then taken off that as due to my age ( I was 18) they didn't want me on it for long. I then had another lap and the coil removed and started in the pill again. That was about 3-4years ago and since then I have had hardly any pain and pretty normal periods she I have a break from my pill. I am worried about concieving, Im only 24 but it's always a nagging fear and has been for as long as I can remember. I think everyone who has endo/adeno worries about it but you never know until you start trying!

Hope this helps! X


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