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Hi everyone had my total and bilateral hysto a month ago and i wanted to let you all know that i feel really great, you really do notice the


the difference after the op so if there is anyone out their waiting for their's then think positive and look forward to feeling free and lighter altogether. my consultant was amazed as to how i looked after a few days after the op and how quickly i was moving around, i told her i started some natural remedies before the op and she feels this has played a big part in my recovery as many people aren't as active as i was, not sure what lies ahead as i have read posts where things go well at the beginning and then pear shape afterwards so lets see but diffidently the natural remedies have helped especially with my bowels i really recommend it. it's a great feeling girl's please don't be scared you will be amazed as to how young you feel, i'm 42 but i feel so much younger and full of energy. if you are interested in the natural stuff that i tried then please visit my blog: 'aysha's amazing recipes' i posted them a couple of weeks ago so you may need to look for it as i have posted other recipes after that. a friend of mine has started two of the items and she says she feels a great difference so go on give it a try.

take care


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Brilliant story that's lifted my mood. I'm having a tired day today 8 days post total lap hysterectomy. I am also positive and upbeat about my experience so great to hear from another . Will continue to strive on getting fit and well and not worry about what may or may not happen in the future. I will check out your remedies. Thankyou for you post j x

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