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Has anybody else had their op cancelled because of Oncology?

Hello Ladies, I was all set to have my OP this Monday for Lap, laser and a general sping clean in my pelvic cavity! and the hospital just cancelled my appointment as Oncology has to come first. I'm not heartless and I am in no way saying my condition is even close to Cancer but my Mum is flying in today to look after my son and work have been very understanding so if I take a cancellation now and have to reaange flights for Mum what is to say they wont cancel me again at the 11th hour? Has anyone else had this happen to them and did protesting work or any other avenue I can pursue, any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm from Ireland and this is my first experience of the NHS

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These ops can be cancelled for all sorts of last minute reasons. Could be illness of you, illness of anyone in the surgical team, lack of equipment, faulty equipment, or indeed emergency oncology ops or other gynae emergencies like ectopic pregnancy or pregnancy complications, ruptured internal organs ....all manner of reasons why these ops can get postponed.

Yes it is inconvenient when it happens, but that's just one of those things, these operating theatres are booked up way ahead of time, and it could be that the person seen earlier in the day ended up with much more critical operation than you are expecting and they over run by an hour or two as an emergency.

It might be you that needs that extra surgery time at some point and someone else gets bumped from the day's surgery list. So best not to worry too much about it happening again, as there is nothing you can do to prevent the hiccups from happening.

Depending on the airline, phone them up and explain what has happened. Many of the airlines will accept a letter from the hosp re-arranging the operation date and allow you to rebook to a later date with proof. Some might charge for that, but it may be covered by insurance.


Thank you impatient for helping me put it all in perspective x


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