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1st Lap tomorrow


I am having my first lap tomorrow to 'rule out endo' , I have found this site really helpful as the symtoms I have and the pain I get seems to be the same as you all .

I do have cysts on both ovaries so i'm wondering maybe it is those that is causing the pain/lathargy/etc , or what if they don,t find anything ?

My work have put me under the OH but havn't heard anything of them yet and I have a huge bradford score(my absence %) as I have had a lot of time if work or can only manage a half a day , my staff have been fab and have gained from my absences as they get the extra hours :).

Its so strange as when im on a good day its fab and I can get so much done , but then the next day I can feel terrible is that how it goes ?

I feel I have so many questions and I just want to get tomorrow out of the way and I can find out , and then go forward but what then ?

Sorry if thats a lot of waffle but thats how I feel today ! do others have dippy days and are just forgetful , can,t get your words out ? lol its so frusttrating or is that because \i feel so tired I just can't function properly ?

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Yes - tiredness is a major factor with endo and me - it affects everything; forgetfulness/ jumbling words/ feeling dyslexic. There are good days and bad days, depends on how bad the pain is as well.

Good Luck with your lap tomorrow - try and get a good nights sleep, if you can. If docs find endo and can remove it there and then, they probably will as they should be doing with your cysts- make sure you opt for them to remove what they find, if they ask, it is better to get everything out of the way in one op rather than two.

It is literally just a cm cut under the bellybutton and a tiny cut just above the bikini line (I'm sure you have already been told the ins and outs of it all) Don't worry - everything will be ok! I had never had an operation before my lap and was really scared, but they know what they are doing and it literally feels like seconds from closing your eyes to opening them again, you just feel a bit groggy for a bit afterwards and you can get to go home the same day.

Anyways - I hope it all goes smoothly for you, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!



Hey I had my first lap last week as I was told there 99.9% sure I had endo which they didn't find but removed a cyst that I said ws causing me so much pain! But they said cysts can't cause that! Utter rubbish I hope your lap went well and u are now resting xx


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