Tummy bug ??

For the second wk in a row I have been house bound with a poorly tummy . I take Malraux acid and transamic acid, so today up I get take pills go work abit sore and uncomfortable but no more than usual. At work 3 bloody hrs and agony stomach cramps heartburn then just got myself home and since then I have not left the bathroom!!! This was the same 2 wks ago grrrrrr waiting for op to removed endo on bowel bladder uterus and tubes

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  • I'm sorry your suffering so much. Sounds to me like it could be the medication upsetting your stomach. I couldn't take transamic (sp) for that reason. Can you go back to the doctor and try something else, or to give you something to help your stomach. I had a problem with diclofenic the painkiller, my doc prescribed lanzaprozole to line my stomach and I had no problems then. Hope you can get some help. xxxxxx

  • Been on both meds for 2yrs now and this seemed so out if the blue for me and all sufferers of this bloody endo we all get under the weather but it was so instant almost like someone pushed a button and bam that was it off my feet for 6hrs then tummy sore and nauseous but other wise fine off docs now so here we go again lol

  • i started with that a few months ago then figured maybe it wasnt a tummy bug..lol went t docs he has put me on buscapan and another one to help with tummy ache and spasms. have to go bak in 2weeks if they havent helped hav to hav another lap...so its always best to get checked....xxx

  • Thanks just got back got script for loperamide and prochlorperazine till I have my op it's been caused by the endo in my bowel etc grrrr x

  • Hugs and good luck. xx

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