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Appointment has arrived

Hi all, I've had my appointment come to see my gynaecologist for the 5th June....haven't done to bad because I've not seen him for the last 12 years. All being well this will be my final time for him to sort me out as i'm hoping he will offer me a hysterectomy. Don't know if this will be the answer to helping endo on my bowels and bladder but at least it will solve the endo on my womb, im sure I will know soon enough. Will keep you all posted as to how it goes...xx

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Good Luck with your appointment hope things go your way? Let us know how you get on!



Cheers and I will x


Hopefully he is a endo adhesion specialist gyne! A endo specialist said in a talk fairly recently that

radical surgery often involving a bowel ressection is the most effective approach. However Hysterectomy works for some and not so well for others, it is not always a cure for this condition. Getting all of the endo and adhesions excised is apparently vital to outcome. All the best


Thanks for your feedback its much appreciated. I have a very good gynaecologist, he's operated on me twice the last operation being 12 years ago so ive not done to bad really. Hope all is well with you. X X


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