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I hate endometriosis!


I found out that I had endometriosis in Jan 12, and it answered a lot of questions for me. I had the implant put in to try and control the symptoms, but it just didn't seem to ease any pains. From July 12 I have been constantly in pain, things have been terrible with my consultant not understanding at all. I'm always having time off work and my bosses are really started to become inpaitent with it all now. I had it all cut out in Dec 12 and thought that I was finally free after a whole year of being ill. But, just this week things have got worse again, I have the most understanding boyfriend and mum who are my rocks and help me get through the bad times. I'm past just being fed up, i'm constantly tired and just cry all the time with pain. Really need to speak to people who are in the same boat as me as my friends believe there is not that much wrong as they can't see the pain i'm in!!!

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im so sorry your having a really bad time with it and i completely understand how you feel! it is so hard to deal with especally when work is involeved i dont work because of this disease ive been let go from my last few jobs because of ill health!

are you on any pain meds for starters? i hope you have something to ease the pain evan a little thats the only problem with endo you can have it removed but it can and dose come back not in all people we are all diffrent! you need to see your gp and tell him how your feeling! they might offer you anti ds if your like me taking them is scary but it might be worth considering for a while just to get yourself in a better place mentally! its so tireing been in pain all the time and doing little things can become a big problem *big hugs* for you its great you have the support of your partner and your mum but as for your friends it can be quite hard for them to understand unless they go thro it themselves direct them to this web site or get them to look it up! and its why an invisible chronic illness such as endometriosis is hard for people because we look ok when we are sertainly not!

tell them how hard it is for you and if they connot see what its doing to you then are they really friends ive lost a few people who i thought were my friends but they wernt its really hard i know and this site is amazing for support and info hold on in there huni YOU ARE NOT ALONE we know how it feels and were all hear to help each other!

lots of tummy love to you and big hugs and i hope you get some relief


It's really nice to talk to people who genuinely understand what is going on! I had a massive break down yesterday and had just had enough of it all. I work 40 hours a week in my normal office job and work weekend nights aswell, I think I am totally over worked and that it not helping! Xxxx

Hi. Hun, I know exactly how u feel as do we all on here I'd never even heard of this disease a year ago , then my 3rd opp I was told , I did a blog last week coz my works are trying to sack me even tho they know how ill I've been an still am, I hit rock bottom an its true the only way is up now , ur not alone hun I just wish it was more publically understood we need more awareness , u take care don't work too many hours xxx

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