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What next?

Lap apparently showed very little endo. Dr says I bleed in my tubes & he suspects the endo is where he cant see/treat it. Typical my luck! More pain now than before and so tired. Had the lap 4 weeks ago and waiting for 3 month check as Doc said he will giving me the menopause injection (if that helps hysterectomy within the year).

Taking diclofenac (?) and ibuprofen which don't touch the pain, can't take the cocodomol as it finishes the day! Any suggestions/advice, am truly at my wits end with this, 9 years and getting worse all the time.

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If your endo is inside your tubes, but not on the outside of the uterus then you don't need a full hysterectomy, just the tubes removing, what's called a bilateral salpingectomy.

If the endo is on the uterus itself or you have adenomyosis or suspected adenomyoisis which is different but similar to endo, only it grows inside the muscle walls of the uterus then a full removal of the uterus and tubes will cure that problem.

Unlike endo which has no cure when it could be anywhere on any other organs. If there is hidden endo elsewhere, but not on the outside of the uterus and you don't have adeno then having the whole uterus removed is probably not going to make much of a difference to your pain and will just stop your period bleed, but the rest of the endo elsewhere will still bleed.

If you keep the ovaries then the endo elsewhere will still be active.

Getting rid of ovaries too, should reduce endo activitiy as it is being starved of oestrogen it needs to be active, but by having them removed too, you are then put on HRT to add back the hormones which the rest of the body will be needing and that will feed the endo in much the same way as the ovaries had done.

It is a bit of a dilema to know what to do.

If you have really heavy or painful or erratic period bleeds then perhaps losing the uterus does at least solve that monthly problem nd gives you one less thing to be troubled with.

f you have already been diagnosed with endo, speak to yor GP about stronger pain relief for the times when diclofenac is not enough, but then move back to the less powerful pain killers when you can manage on them. You don't want to be stuck using the same really strong pain killers all the time. That's how addiction and dependance can become a problem.

You might want to check out the adenomyosis website to see if that disease fits with your symptoms, given that you have suspected endo inside the fallopian tubes, there is an increased possibility that you may have adenomyosis rather than raging endo.


the lady who runs that website is a member of this forum too.


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question, really appreciate it.

I'm off to read up on that now.

I am able to put up with a lot of the pain as I really hate taking pain killers but an hour ago I had the naproxen 500mg and ibuprofen both 400mg and it hasn't done anything my left side is throbing my back is aching and shooting pains very low down. Really am so fed up. Sometimes its hard to be positive, I know I'm lucky its only this condition and there are so many people worse off, its just thinking that there is no end to it.

thanks again xx


impatient i enjoy reading your answers they explain a little more about the medical side of endo to me rather then the emotional...thank you ...you help alot...xxx


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