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Looking for advice!

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Hey guys I’m 23 from NZ and looking for advice...I haven’t been diagnosed with anything as of yet but all symptoms point to endo. I get extremely heavy periods for 3+ weeks at a time until I take mefnamic acid pills to stop it as at that point I am drained, exhausted and can’t deal with it anymore. I get horrific pain almost every day whether I am bleeding or not, the pain ranges from a dull ache to feeling like a red hot iron is stabbing my insides or I am being squeezed very tight to the point of bursting inside (so hard to describe!) I seem to be getting terrible hormonal symptoms like acne, oily skin and hair, grumpy and fatigued a lot! I get pain with intercourse if it ever happens because I always seem to be bleeding and often get bowel problems not sure if hormonal or due to the amount of pain killers I take. I also seem to be passing huge blood clots which freaks me out and often nearly pass out from pain. Currently taking the Ava 30 pill to try settle things. Tried the mirena IUD and was in such excruciating pain I had it removed after 6 weeks. I have tried a myriad of hormonal contraceptives to try and control it as well as every painkiller under the sun, currently have codeine and tramadol which don’t seem to work at all and make me feel ill. I have seen a specialist and am on the waiting list for a laparoscopy and the chronic pain clinic. Have had multiple lab tests which showed nothing as well as an internal ultrasound which showed nothing but a small amount of free fluid. My specialist doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with me and that my pain is “psychological”. I’m so tired of being in pain and having to deal with all these “womanly issues” I feel like I can’t talk about it anymore because nobody believes my pain is real. Why would I lie about it? I am not hopeful that the laparoscopy will show much as I have been led to believe it’s nothing. It’s affecting my life and my job terribly and I’m unsure of what do do anymore. I am in the public system as my health insurance policy was taken out after the problems started (years ago) so private isn’t an option.

I just feel so lost!

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I too do not have health insurance as even though I havnt been officially diagnosed I have a health record that can be linked to it so I have to pay for everything which is fine. I’ll pay as long as I get answers. The saying I seem to always say “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired “ story of my life. I too feel lost. I am super emotional from all the pain and tiredness. It’s always there the whole day. I want to sleep and never wake up. It’s the only time I don’t feel pain. And I also am having fear of my life quality with being a Mum. I feel I am going to never give my kids a good life

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I'm Joye from USA. I'm so sorry to hear about your problem,but i thought you'd better go to hospitable do a examination,which will help you best explain about your conditions. If it was really endo,currently,there are so many curable treatments,so dont worry about your conditions. BTW, here is a Endo Specialist i recommended for you Dr.Lee from global.fuyanpills,hope it will help you.

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I have been to the hospital multiple times they just send me home with more pain killers and act like I’m faking it which I’m not. I’m getting surgery next month