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Anyone treated Endometriosis successfully?

Hi everyone

I started experience pelvic pain, abdominal pain, GI problem in April this year. After a whole lot of tests, scans, and colonoscopy, everything came back clear. Then my GP suggested I may have endometriosis. So I went to see an advanced laparoscopic surgeon who sepecialises in endometriosis. After I told him my symptoms he said I have (suspected) adenomyosis and endometriosis. His suggested treatment plan for me is laparoscopy to diagnose and excise the endometriosis (if any), hysteroscopy and insert mirena. I am not doubting his expertise, and I accept that my uterus is bulky and that I may have endometriosis in my pouch of douglas because I can feel the pain is from the left hand side of my rectum.

From the posts I read here it seems everyone is having a hard time trying to be taken seriously and have to push for a laparoscopy. My problem is opposite to everyone else's. Sure, I experienced pelvic pain most days since April and get bad back pain during period which I used to never have. But none of those pain are enough to stop me from doing my daily routine. I don't have to take any painkillers for them.

I don't want to take the risk of surgery, or have any hormonal drug which could potentially give me more grief (from side effects) than I currently have. So I told the gynecologist that I don't want to do anything about it for now. I am not sure if it's the right decision because I am not sure if any downside of not doing anything about it if the pain is manageable? For example, is it possible to have really bad endo that is damaging my organs and I don't know because I didn't go for a diagnostic laparoscopy?

Also, all I read is everyone is struggling with the side effects of the drug or had multiple surgeries. It seems surgery is just another temporary fix. Does anyone know anyone that has had 1 laparoscopy and they are pain free indefinitely?

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I’d like to know how your journey has gone this post is a old one but I am feeling the same as u did when writing this. I have endo and adeno and my doctor wants to operate and remove uterus ect. But I do not take pain killers as I don’t want to and I’m surviving without them I use heat and lots of rest when I need to. I am not encouraged to have an op as yes it only seems like a temporary fix with on going problems later on it even worse problems and for myself at this stage I’d be paying for the op and it is a lot of money


Hi MrsNGoo. I am sorry you have endo and adeno. I never took up the offer of laparoscopy just to confirm if I have endo or not. I don't want to have surgery unnecessarily. I decided to treat my disease naturally. I changed my diet and took lots of supplements hahaha. I did try to follow the endo diet. It was very hard. I have always enjoyed food and found the restriction and eating alternative sucked the joy out of my life. But you can give it a try. I tried all sorts of things like drinking lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning. Eat lots of salad with organic apple cider vinegar, drank lots of smoothies with super food, eat organic, drop caffine and alcohol, drop all sweet food etc. I took lots of supplements like probiotics, tumeric, fish oi, maca, multi vitamin etc. I did see a naturopath for a few months too. I suspect all the lemon juice and change in diet has given me sore stomach and constant heartburn by the end of last year. So I have dropped the endo diet. I don't have so much pain nowadays but I can't pin point to what I have done that made a difference. I am currently taking tumeric and manuka honey. To this day I still don't know if I have endo or not. I am probably have adeno as my period is still painful compare to the past. Over the past 2 years I have learnt a lot. I have become more aware of my health and how I feel everyday. I do more things that makes me relax like yoga and taking long baths. It's an overhaul of your lifestyle. Good luck with your health journey.


Just tonight I had another discussion about my circumstances and although I actually cannot afford the op anyway, I am due on Friday to go back to gynaecologist with a heap of questions. And of the last week I’ve had different experiences again. A lot less pain considering I stopped the pill so am having period. And part form chest pain I havnt bled heavy or painfully. I’ve been tired but nothing like I had. So I think for me I’m just gonna try to live healthier unless of course my dr says it’s not a good idea. No op and no pain meds sounds like a better idea that having the op and problems