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Allergy blood test does nasal spray affect results?

Hi my son is having blood allergy test and was told no anti histamines 3 days prior to the test.

Would a nasal spray affect the blood test and shouldn’t be used for 3 days either?

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My son had the blood test because he had antihistamines a day before his appointment so I can’t see the nasal spray affecting the blood test so I would still give it


It's strange that I've been told no anti histamine 3 days prior but according to allergy UK it shouldn't affect a blood test only the skin test.

This was the advice from a ear nose throat dr no anti histamine 3 days prior so confused


Allergy test, there are many, skin prick, blood test and many more. It is always best not to have any medication before any blood test. I am 72 and did have blood test for allergy and I was asked to stop my antihistamine and I stopped my antihistamine for one week and put up with the problems! This is because I wanted to make sure blood test gave good result. My test, skin prick and blood test, was last year.


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