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Swollen eyes, please help!

i saw my GP about a month ago because my eyes and face had swollen to the extent that I was embarrassed to show my face in public. I was prescribed antibiotics and referred to the eye infirmary. They told me I had an infection which was responding to the antibiotics and I was discharged but should see my GP again if the symptoms came back. Sure enough the symptoms returned the next week so I went straight back to the surgery and saw a different GP who said I had contact dermatitis caused by make up! I have gone make up free for several days and also been given antibiotic eye drops from a pharmacist but it is getting worse, not better. Advice please?

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Sounds like you could be allergic to balsam of Peru. I have this allergy it causes contact dermatitis so now I can't use any make up, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste with it in (just about every product!), it also has compounds in food and drink. Go to the dr and ask to be referred to a dermatologist then ask them for a patch test to include Balsam of Peru. Here is a link to info on balsam of Peru but also google contact dermatitis balsam of Peru. Good luck, but mope you get it sorted soon.



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