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Am I allergic to my dog? Please I need advice

Am I allergic to my dog? Please I need advice


I was playing with my Labrador the other day and noticed this rash when I looked at my arm and now 2 days later its pretty much gone but the area is still itchy and feels a little bumpy. Has anyone had this should I be concerned or not? I was thinking of going to the doctor but don't want to go if this is nothing. I also have asthma and hay-fever is anything to do with it.

What do you all think please let me know what you think.

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Hi! I suggest you to visit your doctor and make a test for allergies. It is possible that you are allergic to your dog (people are usually allergic to the dander - flakes of dead skin). You mention that you have hay fever, and this means that your immune system is more sensitive, so it makes you more likely to react to other potential allergens, such as dog dander, for instance.

So the test would help you to identify to what allergens your body reacts.

Take care!


My son was allergic to dogs, horses Guinea pigs as a child. He suffered from hives and asthma a most of his childhood. So sad because now we realise what it was making him suffer. We had Guinea pigs and dogs. He's now nearly 40 still has a dog and still suffers with a rash but his asthma has gone


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