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Hi all, My name is Rastagilly and I have just joined this community and I am very new to blogging! I have recently been diagnosed with emphasyma and although no stranger to this disease, my partner died of emphasyma nearly 8 years ago and I was his carer, I am now on the other side of the coin, so to speak! Just interested in gathering as much info as I can on staying well and for any good tips on giving up smoking - I have cut down to less than 5 per day, but can't seem to quit for good! Anyway, enough waffling for now.

Rastagilly ;)

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The best advice is just to STOP. You know they are harming your body, so throw them out and don't have any more.

If you've not already been in touch, Smokefree Bristol are on 0117 922 2255 for local advice and help ;)


Oops - missed the website info -> smokefreebristol.com/


Thanks Gordon I shall check them out x


Rastagilly, welcome. So sorry to hear about your partner.

Apologies for us taking so long to respond! This community is just getting started but I can already feel it'll be a good one.

I'm also pleased to mention we have a wonderful, supportive community to help support you in quitting smoking, called Quit Support by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Here it is > quitsupport.healthunlocked.com


HI guys, thanks for your replies, I shall be checking out those websites. Tho Im not one for blogging I do have to say it's great to be in touch with people in the same boat as youself who have a better understanding of how each other feels. I will report back soon & let you know how the quitting smoking is going!! Keep well folks ;) x


hi the shock of being told I had copd /the cigs went end of /I used a pencil for 2week that's gone now.take care.ps don't think about the cigs at all,

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Hi carroll - how long ago were you told you had copd? I am still really strugging giving up the fags, although have cut right down, but I will keep trying!! I will be buying an e-cigarette next week - have tried one a friend has & unlike others I have tried didn't make me cough! I will keep you posted on my success or not very soon. Well done you for quitting, Im really hoping that next time I post it will be to say that I am non-smoker. Take care all & keep as well as you can x


hi I was told at xmas after my lazy ex now gp sent a locum out at xmas I took ill bad,she had the sence to send me for a ct scan much to the annoyance of my ex.as in may id had a xray wat showed hyperinflation of lungs the gp ignored it told me it was ok no action needed,locum asked why didn't I take note of the xray,i said cs he said was ok.well it wasn't ok she said,went c ex gp told him thank u very moch,he just said sorry but u be fine,got new gp now hes ok explained copd to me as id never heard of it,he said go for heart blood xray test,now,i did was ok copd stable im moderate up 2 now,ex gp sent me nowere,the e cig is better than cigs for u ,so I think u want ecig to help u have it but no cigs,take care and yes we have to fend for ourselves it seems.ex gps nurse said u don't need vitamins as I told her im takin d and b12,told her I will take them,new gp said there ok take them.


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