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EDS and cold weather

Hello! I’m new and wanted to ask about your experiences with EDS and cold weather, as well as sacroiliac joint dysfunction. I’m looking to chat about symptoms and discuss what has worked for you!

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I fell and broke my tail bone, then a few years later fell on the same place damaging nerves and entrapping some. So now I cope with how it is, but it's just having comfortable seating. Heated seats in the car. I also do tonnes of kegal exercises simultaneously with glut squeezes to strengthen around this entire area to assist strength and posture, primarily for my hips, they sublux heaps. I'm not so sure how to help it not to happen. They just regularly pop and I regularly grab my foot and pull it backwards up over my head and that pops it back in, must do both sides. Cold weather makes things hurt more, but the heat can also suck all your energy until you're asleep-fatigued all the time.


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