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Does anyone else with EDS have puncta plugs for Secondary Sjögren’s? and feel like their body is just packing up

First post on here, I have very dry eyes and very light sensitive which I put down on to my having EDS. I was referred by an optometrist to a Dry Eye Specialist who did a Schirmer's test which showed a very poor tear count and was very low at 3mm and inserted puncta plugs in both my eyes. The plugs have helped lubricate my eyes and have helped a bit with the light sensitivity. I was told my iris was thin due to EDS and that was why I had such severe light sensitivity, but eyes are always watering and I have to keep wiping my eyes. I was told that I could have them taken out if I can't cope with them and have them put in the top of my eyes instead but then they wouldn't be so effective Anyone else had plugs put in please.

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I have confirmed Sjögren’s and punctal plugs. I believe I have EDS too but haven’t had confirmation at all yet. My plugs work quite well although I still need drops often and find I tear up badly in windy weather. But on balance my eyes are definitely better for having them


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