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Vitamin D, hydrogenised Colegen


Can anyone tell me if there are any benefits in using vitamin d if so what type and is there any truth in the benefits of hydrogenised colegen?

Many thanks

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You would only see a benefit from taking Vitamin D if you were deficient in it. In the UK it is possible that you might be, especially if you don't spend much time outdoors. We can't make Vit D from the sun from September to April in this country and if there is also a rainy summer, then it is possibly that you could be low. It has been shown that low levels of Vitamin D can result in increased levels of pain.

As for hydrogenated collagen, for most people with EDS it isn't a lack of collagen, but a faulty gene that doesn't make good collagen. So any collagen you eat, it gets broken down into its constituent parts, then the body uses those to make more collagen. If your body makes defective collagen, no amount of extra collagen in the diet will change that. if however your diet is deficient in collagen, then eating more of it will help, but it won't change the way you make it.

I hope that makes sense.


You explained it very clearly many thanks Andrew.

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I remember reading a report somewhere like the BBC which said all Britons should take Vitamin D, and it is a growing problem. You explained the rest really well!


I think vit D3 is of great benefit for anyone living in this country for many reasons and these are well documented. Especially when thosr of us who have a problem with effective collagen production and higher risk of osteoporosis but good for depression too!! The best form of vit D3 is fat soluble and should be taken with your fattest meal of the daily, ideally with good omega 3 fats such as eggs or oily fish. You should also supplement vit K2 as this directs the extra calcium absorbed due to the vit D3 into bones and teeth rather than soft tissue such as kidneys and blood vessels. The best forms of K2 are either mk4 or MK7. Personally I use MK7 as this is more slowly released and lasts longer in the body from what I have read. It is possible to take D3 and MK7 combined and affordable through that well known online store. I use high doses throughout the year as we just don't get enough sunshine in this country and I don't tend to expose enough of my skin in order to absorb it.


That's brilliant many thanks Andrew.


That brilliant many thanks Andrew.


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