Hello! A newbie here

Hi everyone-

Living with Ehlers-Danlos is literally a pain! I've learned that I have to live each day like a cork - yup, a cork. I float along with the pain and don't fight it as much - I find this helps to live with the pain that is a daily walk with Ehlers-Danlos (a sense of humour helps too as does chocolate!!!) Hang in there! It can seem like a very frustrating process to find an excellent doctor, but once you do, they can help you navigate this life SO much easier! Surround yourself with excellent friends - they make a huge difference too.

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  • Hi and welcome. That is an excellent philosophy you have 👍. Glad you've joined. Everyone here is supportive.. Take care..(I'm loving your name by the way! 😀 xx

  • Hi there and welcome badtothebonebarbie😁✊🏼 what a very positive post and a great username. I chose mine to send out a message that Andrea takes no cr@p off of anyone. I don't always feel like that. But somehow trying to project it helps. Ps don't forget to lock your post for security. Go back into it and click on the radio button 'for this community only'. You'll then see a little padlock on your post and more people will respond 👍🏽👍🏽

  • Hello, the more the merrier on this site - we must be one of the smaller communities on here - and you are so right about chocolate!

  • Hugs to you. I'm a newbie, too. :)

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