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Hello, Everyone

Hello, I'm Springsong

I'm a 34yr old mum with both Aspergers Syndrome & Hypermobility Syndrome/EDS Hypermobility type (depending on which DR I see depends on what they call it). I'm also on the Autism forum as my eldest daughter has Autism but thought I'd join here as both my girls are currently under assessment for hypermobility (they both are very bendy) & it helps having others to share the experience & swap tips.

So that's me, looking forward to meeting you all.

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Nice to meet you hun xx


This seems to be a very quiet forum. It's a shame. I hope it picks up soon. Nice to tak with others with similar needs. Springsong what's your needs?

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Hi Springsong and missteal and rowantree!

It's great that you've all joined the forum. It is fairly new, which is why it's quite quiet at the moment but hopefully it will pick up in the next few months. It was mentioned in the last EDS magazine, so hopefully a few more people will join soon.

We hope you find it useful and look forward to meeting you soon.


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Hi everyone thanks for replying to me.

I have EDS Hypermobility type & often suffer with tender, inflamed joints (particularly my legs). On top of this I also have Aspergers & secondary Raynauds (my list seems to be slowly growing...) so I am also on those forums (Autism forum is picking up slowly & the Raynauds one is very busy so hopefully this one will slowly pick up too).

I guess to a large extent it's nice to know there are others out there who share the same frustrations, aches & pains, who know how difficult it can be to find someone who understands why & occasionally to pick up new hints & tips on treating those painful symptoms.


Welcome some research has shown autism to be related to HMS/EDS. Im also autistic and EDS.


Hey if you are after support and friendship join me and my autism on Facebook xx


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