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New digestion issue - cause?

Hi all, just back from holiday, which was interesting.

Holiday (Turkey) confirmed heat intolerance, and the fact my 72 year old mother is rather flexible for her age, after years of denying that she was hypermobile (I have the pics - bending both elbows back down, touching toes, thumb nearly but not quite reaching the forearm), but the main issue was a problem with a tiny piece of pizza.

I recently became diabetic (type 2) after years of pre-diabetes. I went on a strict low carb (not no-carb) diet and the diabetes has gone entirely into remission (special star from my GP for that). On holiday I was tempted and ate a little slice of somebody else's pizza, and within 5 minutes had very cramping stomach, 'system purge', followed by 2 days of diarrhoea and lower gut pain. This happened a month ago too with somebody else's little cracker, which started stomach cramping and lower gut pain within a couple of minutes of being eaten (I mention the other people because this was definitely not food poisoning). Can you become gluten sensitive at age 50? I can still eat most carbs/gluten with no problem, although very small amounts because of the diabetes.

Is this to do with EDS? My usual gut problems are to do with slow passage.

For info - My full range of (including historic) issues is: PCOS>insulin resistance>gestational diabetes>diabetes, psoriasis, EDS, TMJ, ice-pick headaches, ? POTS (dizziness on rising, heat intolerance,) but very hard-to-control high BP -on 4 medications for it, irregular heart beat & palpitations, flushes and rashes, and lately, peri-menopause with memory problems and periods from hell. May have forgotten some.

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Hi Jay. I suffer from exactly what you describe!. I've had stomach, bowel problems for several years. I also have 'sluggish bowel', but have sudden episodes of 'food intolerance' which causes cramps and diarrhoea. It can last hours, and sometimes can continue for days...I am currently having autonomic dysfunction investigated as I've been seriously suffering with the symptoms almost constantly recently. I read bowel problems can also present in this, and I have sometimes found my bowel problems are either the start of the autonomic dysfunction symptoms, or part of the flare😕 but unsure if these are connected?..I have been on a gluten free diet for several months, it helps but hasn't stopped the episodes - being gluten free has stopped my brain fog though!🙂 -and I find gluten free bread has stopped a lot of the bloating too..But In search of 'a better healed bowel' I will be seeing a dietician about the low fodmap.

Good luck and best wishes xx

I hope despite this, you had a great holiday👍

ps.. My sensitive bowel can also not handle artificial sweeteners - I always check the label- and I avoid icecream/ cream. I'm considering total dairy free- for moral, animal welfare reasons- and also feel dairy may be a culprit? x


That is very interesting - awful, isn't it? I really feel for you enduring it for years. What are the other signs of an autonomic dysfunction flare? Both times I have been away from home and it has been awkward (rushing to find a bathroom in an unfamiliar or foreign town that I can occupy for a few hours). If I knew one was coming I'd stay at home.

I hesitate to go to my doctors with yet another illness which they know nothing about, and which cannot be seen. I am pretty sure my file just says HYPOCHONDRIAC in big letters like that on it.

My diet is, by accident rather than design, largely gluten free. I have no complications from diabetes other than a 30% reduction in kidney function, which I am now slowly reversing, so it is unlikely to be diabetic related, I think.

{Other ailments: Forgot about mild incontinence/'urgency' and strong resistance to anaesthetics - that last minor operation really hurt after 10 mins. The brain fog is strong today...



I am still under investigation for autonomic dysfunction or POTS, as recommended by EDS specialist.. I can not stand for long without sweating, dizziness, vision problems, leg pains and 'fizzing vessels' with mottled white colour on lower legs. Racing heart, palpitations..During a flare, I have the bowel problems, night sweats,heat intolerance, ,leg signs as above,joint pains are flared, muscle pains,head pains,pressure in head causing nose bleed, blurred/hazy vision, chronic fatigue. It is so bad I can not move, or get out of bed. It lasts several days or weeks..I have so far had 24hr bp where the average was low. I am to have echocardiogram, 24hr heart monitor then see cardiologist... This flare may or may not turn out to be autonomic dysfunction related?.. I have recently read about csf leaks too..But hopefully whatever, I can get some relief soon 🤞..

I hope you too can find relief. Best of luck xx

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