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Give it up

Well, just discharged from local hosp with my 10th bowel obstruction. After reading my records post discharge, my urine showed 5 plus blood, white blood cells, keytones and ph of 8 which is signs of a urinary tract infection. Also Cat Scan showed splenic arterial calcified anerysum. Non of these things were addressed with me. My discharge summary was focused more on my pain management and anxiety than my labs and health issues. I am just done with the judgement and the thought process behind using narcotics to survive. I will find another way or i feel i will be put on the back burner of the unforgottens due to narc use. I CANT TAKE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry I don't have any experience with this, would a visit to your GP help at all (referral or explanation)? Hope you feel better and listened too soon, just sending you a hug x

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My bowel obstructions come from my weak intestinal tract from eds. Nothing i can do about it but this natcotic issie causes me more anxiety than its worth. I now go to chiro and accupunture. Change to organic foods, probiotic and a quart of green tea with ginger and tumeric root. Sleep has improved. Muscle relaxers are hone. Natcs ate hone. Blood pressure meds cut in half. Praise God!!!!!!💫💫


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