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The same doc😜

Went to ER a week and a half ago for a pain in lower right abdomen. Felt like kidney stone. Got to ER and laid there hour and a half in pain. Doc came in and said she could give me no pain med cause mo one was there with me so I called my daughter who was 5 min away. She got there then doc said no pain med till Cat Scan complete which showed no kidney stone so she would give me non pain med. i tried to explain it was something wrong and I needed help and when the case manager is in the ER I never get denied help. The doc said well, why dont you come to ER when she is here. My daughter and I both lost our minds. Raised caine and walked out. Tuesday, the pain was so bad I had to call ambulance. Got to ER and vomited for 3 hours then here comes the doc and guess who. Same doc. She says I been hearing u vomit. Do u think its a kidney stone? I told her I did not know then she had nurse start a IV and give me nausea and pain meds. cat Scan showed bowel blockage number 10. They put ng tube in which cranked up my trigeminal neuralgia. I was shocked she even treated me. I got admitted and just got home today. I begged and begged for help for the trigeminal neuralgia. I got the surgeon to send in a medical doc. I told her get me a dose of dilaudid and a dose of dethamethasone so we can calm this nerve in my face down. She ordered it and in 10 minutes i was out of pain. I do not know why they want listen or wait till things are hell awful before wating to treat us. The surgeon says my bowels keep kinking up because of eds. I wish the rest new this. I am so glad to be home. Now my medical doc wants me get off my pain meds. God help me.

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Glad to hear you were successfully treated this time, finally!! I wish you a speedy recovery from this, its horrible!.. I suffer with kidney problems and know how excruciating it is to have stones.

I hope you feel better from it soon.x

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