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Blue whites of eyes

Hi everyone

I haven't got a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos, but have been referred to a rheumatologist to see about a diagnosis. I was wondering though if any of you have blue tinted eye balls, like the main part of your eyes? My eyes are a greeny brown colour, but my eye balls look really blue sometimes. I was wondering whether this could be related to Ehlers Danlos or if it was just something else slightly odd about me!

Thank you

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Hello OTskywalker..I just wanted to say hi, but I'm sorry I cant offer anything regarding your question..I hope you get your diagnosis..

Best wishes x


Hi. I have eds and blue tinted eyeballs. Good luck with your appointment.

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Hi OTskywalker,

I have EDS type 3 and yes I have blue tinted sclera. It was one of the things the geneticist looked at when at my appointment.

Take care x


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