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Meralgia Paraesthetica following surgery

Hi everyone

I have type III EDS, and had a laproscopic hysterectomy at the end of November. Recovery is going well, however I've developed severe pain, with pins and needless and burning sensation down the outside of my thighs. Looking at the symptoms it looks likely to be Meralgia Paraesthetica (compression of the one of the nerve bundles in the back going in to the leg). Has anyone else had this, and if so what did they find that helped it?

Any advice gratefully received!


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Nala, I didn't have pain going down legs but did have a few twinges in the abdomen a couple of months after, but they were never in the same place - they seemed to be in a circle around the abdomen, so I put it down to nerves healing, so this may be something totally different. I had a hysterectomy because of endometrial cancer so had a cancer team I could phone and ask just to check it wasn't anything to worry about and I'm sure they would have given me advice if I'd needed it, but I wonder if you could phone your surgeon's secretary just to ask if it is likely to be meralgia paraesthetica and if so what they would suggest to help it. I wonder if a TENS machine might help. I've had wonderful success with one on my back. I bought my machine from the TENS company and they have wonderful customer service so if you phone them (you can get their details on Amazon) they might be able to offer advice as to whether this might help you.


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