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Slightest difference affects my body so much!

One of the most annoying things about HMS, apart from the pain & fatigue obviously, is how easy it is to pull a muscle, or strain anything! I'm using gutter crutches as I've had operations on my feet. I am weight bearing so it shouldn't cause too much strain on my shoulders, but today I've woken up with awful neck and shoulder muscle ache from using the crutches! It's so so annoying!

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Hi I managed to injure both wrists doing my basic life support CPR at work. My son got planter fascitis from standing half on half off the raised edge of a rug. Sitting in the wrong chair for half an hour can wreck my shoulder and back for weeks. I guess it comes with the territory. You have to learn to be aware of everything you are doing and not be afraid to say no.


Just another thought Rowan tree. When my ankle was in plaster I used a wheelchair rather than risk the damage that crutches can do. Don't know if you are in ukIf so you can borrow one from the Red Cross.


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