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Why when i have been housebound for over a year with only my husband able to take me out is there no readily availble information

Not through the GP,Specialists ie Rhumatologoy,neurology they tell you you have all these things wrong, Elhers type II? 21 miscarrages fibromyalgia irritable bowel syndrom,muli level dics degnerativer disc disease 4 discs are now buggered in 2 years, the list goes on and now i am being hounded by the job center and Atos and the Dla with still no support i have now self refered to the Brighton wheelchair service but i need help with all these benefits and the amount of stress it is putting on my family is disgusting my husband is my full time carer and lives with Aspergers, I at last found an OT but he has not been able to help with these agencys. I can get no one to home vist and i am not able to travel accept by ambulance at present where do I/We get help my children also have been told tthey are also affected

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