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What kind of bag do you use?

Do you find a pull along bag better or does it twist you too much? A rucksack on both shoulders? A shoulder bag on one? Or across your body ? Or a computer type held in one hand? What do people find works best? My computer bag for work is quite heavy and I have a lot of problems and pain in my hands and wrists, but anything over my shoulder causes pain quickly too. Please share your experiences and any type you've found that is best.

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Its not the bag its the weight..was advised to distribute weight evenly..carry close to the body. What would be ideal is a bag carrier who doesnt mind how you load them up


For general everyday purse and keys carrying I use a small shoulder bag across my body and try not to take things I don't need.

For day trips I use a backpack and try to keep the straps on both shoulders, tightened to keep the weight close to my back.

I generally cope ok with those solutions, but I don't have too many shoulder problems. I hope that helps.


As Bendy suggests it is not so much the bag that is the problem rather the weight of what is in it. For that reason a backpack can work better as it allows you to carry the bag close to you & distribute the weight across both shoulders (some of the more expensive ones for hikers even offer lumber support).


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