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Still no answer

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Got to see Gp finally today ! I have had every test done on me now I think I have had mild asthma fir over 15 years had a bad chest infection last August and now I am nearly permanently breathless.! Had xrays ct scans echo gram all ok spirometer results allegedly ok , doctor tried to put me on mild antidepressants! I said no then he said I could have ME! But the only symptoms I have got that I can see are severe tiredness, but I cannot see breathless being a symptom if ME ! Is it ??

Thank you

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You can get breathless with tiredness and anemia been run down ask Dr to check your blood for iron deficiency

Have you been tested for pernicious anaemia (not iron deficiency) my GP missed it with me and it took several years until I got to see a neurologist for ME symptoms that it was diagnosed.

Good luck

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