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chronic fatigue syndrome


hello i being ill like half my life i always feel sick or tired or have really bad headaches and stomach aches and now i been look at the symptoms of cfs and i got all them. i think i have it but how do i find out for sure that i do? 

i am going to my GP on Friday to see if there any that he can do but i think he say it just it not that i hope i can get it sorted  the countered tiredness is take over my life  

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Hello. Sorry to hear that you are so ill. Some GPs are really helpful and aware of CFS/ME but others are not. Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. Yesterday I was at a meeting about ME in Westminster so many people are working on this. Some people are diagnosed quickly but others have to wait a long time because of lack of knowledge. You could ask for a referral to Neurology. Some clinics will see people with CFS/ME and in some areas there is a Specialist. Let me know whereabouts you live and I will try to find out if there is a good place to go to to get a diagnosis. Hope this helps you.

All the very best


i live in middleton thanks for the reply. going for a blood test next week that might help

Cburch in reply to myhealthneeds

Hi miriam could I please have the name of the support group as I also live in south wales and recently diagnosed with CFS many thanks x

myhealthneeds in reply to Cburch

Hello. Sorry, I only just read this as I have been away. The support group in South Wales is MESiG - ME Support in Glamorgan. You can contact me about this. We meet in Llanishen but we support people wherever they live through the Newsletter, emails, texts, phone calls etc. We are on Facebook but the website is currently being rebuilt. We are in touch with Action for ME and 25% ME Group and WAMES. 

myhealthneeds in reply to Cburch

Hello I have sent you a private message too as I'd like to contact you and see you some time, if possible. Miriam

myhealthneeds in reply to Cburch

Did you see my reply on the main page with our details, for MESiG?

After four years just pain relief told to live with I was told about treatment at York hospital there supposed to be really good they treat some people who get an improvement of about sixty per cent others it doesn't work they use hyper bartiatic chamber excuse my spelling waiting for an appointment hoping 

Hi there. Ask your GP if he/she thinks you have ME/CFS. Whether they say yes or no ask if you can be referred to the nearest ME clinic, either to have the diagnosis confirmed and help to learn how to manage your illness or if they say no to get a second opinion.

Good luck


It might be helpful to look at B12 deficiency symptoms and Thyroid issues. Sometimes there are common symptoms.

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Sadly. Chronic fatigue has no cure for some. The tiredness cannot be cured either, it has to be managed. I have had cfs all my life so i know no different. 

Sounds like ME (CFS) but your doctor will need to do tests to eliminate a whole host of other conditions before a diagnosis can be made.

had a blood test on Thursday the result will be in this Wednesday  

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