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I think I have some sort of a viruses and every night I hope I will wake up in the morning and I will be better. Tiredness has been a feature in my life for months now, been to GP had all the bloods taken and all okay. I have to go away thinking it's just a phase now here I am with the tiredness increased to a stage now that I am virtually confined to my bedroom, needing to sleep during the day and totally washed out. This is just my introduction and I am hoping I can get to know you all and give and receive some advice and support. I would love to hear from someone.

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Hi Nadia

Hope you are doing okay. I'm not much of an expert but one of my relatives has severe ME and she tries to rest as much as she can for something that she really wants to go to for example a meal out with family. I don't know much more because my parents try to shield me from this. My condition from post viral chronic fatigue has improved from a gland virus aged 10. Nearly 5 years on I'm still not at my full potential. My main issue is unexplained chronic pain and constant other injuries. I am currently dealing with tendinitis in my hip and I need intense physio.

Sorry I couldn't offer great advice but it would be really good to share tips of you would like.


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