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come tuesday17 jan it will be 28 weeks without a decision on pip.if they refuse me,then I will be housebound,i really need the motability car! my lifes I consists of constant pain both physical and mentally.i am frightened to contact dwp as a failure would kill me! my life is pretty pathetic but its all I have,icannot lose my wife and my son and daughter,i love them so much,but I keep thinking to myself that they must be so so sick of me,my head is all over the shop!every night as I take my tablets I am so tempted to end it,to see my gp I would probably have to wait at least 3 weeks,only for him to prescribe more anti depressants!

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As replied in earlier post. I think it is disgusting that you have been waiting in limbo for so long.

Hang in there. I DO think you should contact DWP but know in your position I probably couldn't!

Thinking of you


thanks bevvy,you have made me cry but only because you have shown me compassion and kindness.i will try to get myself in a frame of mind so that I can phone the dwp.the lady next door got refused at the time I was going for the interview,and they keep cancelling her appeal meeting,so she has waited about the same time as me.thats why I feel so frightened.thanks again bevvy,you are helping!


I just know how stressful and wrong whole system is! I didn't get award expected but because I didn't use previous mobility award for a mobility car I decided not to challenge decision. Couldn't deal with any further stress. Main difference for me is I now have to pay 1/2 my car tax. Overall I am receiving more money so that is good!

I was geared up for a refusal and that I would have to appeal and probably go to tribunal! The things I had heard in media didn't help.

I hope you get some answers soon.

Feel free to pm me. And please let me know how it goes.


thanks bevvy!!! xx


Oh dear, you really are winding yourself up and getting in a state. PIP decisions should be made within 16 weeks so you really need to phone on Monday morning and find out what's happening. It could be your decision has got lost in the post or the system but you should have heard something by now. If you don't get awarded what you think you are eligible for then appeal. But do try to take a deep breath and calm down. Your family love you and need you so please don't put them through the hell of hurting yourself. I know how it feels to feel so trapped and have desperate thoughts whirling round your head but you can cope and you will get through this. Look up some sites on mindfulness and try to get into practicing some form of meditation. It really does help.

All the best x


My friend and Brother. There is hope. First stop the anti-depressants. Second Start taking one walnut with five blue berries after breakfast. Dried blue berries work better. Try this for one week and see if it makes any difference.

Also if you have insomnia, you could try one walnut and one almond with seven raisins and a cup of milk at night. Good luck.


hi Andy4 - what a lovely support & comment. do you have any other food aids?

3 years on from start of my illness I am now keen to help myself to heal as far as is possible.

I meditate, pray & eat lots of raw salads, home made soups & vegetables with fish & chicken but it is hard to find time/energy to prepare all my food.

:) Dee81


hi Toby48 - I do hope you are feeling a little stronger & feel the love & concern of your friends here. at least some people understand all the cruelties of ill health.

Moment by moment, be gentle on yourself.

:) Dee81

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thank you so much,it does help.i am trying to get the courage up to write more,i will only say that the plot thickens!!!


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